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Arab Film Series October special: Mohammed Shebl’s 1981 film Fangs (Anyab)

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This month on Arab Film Series:  Mohammed Shebl’s 1981 film Fangs (Anyab)

“Weaved into its camp aesthetics, horror genre tropes and 80s disco numbers, Anyab provides a running commentary on the social situation in Egypt, from youth unemployment to class struggle, while intersecting sexual politics into the mix. ” (Gasworks)

Online Screening: October 27-30, 2022

Free / $5 suggested donation


Available Worldwide


Anyab (Fangs), 1981, Mohammed Shebi, Egypt, 100 min. 

Arabic language with English subtitles.

A girl and her fiancé are on their way to a party on New Year’s Eve when their car has an accident, and they find nowhere to go except a strange castle. They are met there by many vampires, led by count Dracula, who instantly falls in love with the girl and wants her for himself. The two lovers discover that Dracula is in Egypt in many forms (doctor, taxi driver, plumber, etc.) not to suck people’s blood but to suck their money, as a typical modern profiteer. Combining the genres of horror, fantasy and musical, this film will definitely leave a lasting impression!

The Arab Film Series online is a monthly program of films and discussions with artists and filmmakers from the SWANA region and its diasporas, presented by ArteEast in partnership with Arab American National Museum and Arab Film and Media Institute.