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Biennale: Marrakesh Biennale

Date: Feb 24, 2016 - May 08, 2016

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The Marrakech Biennale is a festival with the mission to build bridges between the cultures through the arts. 
We inspire outstanding artists from all over the world to create work that responds to the the magical environment of Marrakech. The curatorial concept of this year’s biennial starts the premise of the designated title for the Biennale: Not New Now. It aims to provide for an intellectual framework that unites multiple arenas of art and cultures by looking at it from the particular location and history of the city of Marrakech. It builds on a longstanding history of Pan Afro-Arab unity, through critically investigating socio political projects, cultural partnerships, and art movements that have led to many shared artistic tendencies.Founded in 2004, we are celebrating not only the arts, but also our 10th anniversary with the Biennale’s 5th edition.