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Exhibition: “Chronic, On Psychological Exhaustion As a Public State,” CIC

Date: Apr 20, 2016 - Jun 04, 2016

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Exhibition with works by The Abbasiya Outsiders, Alberto Grifi, Dora Garcia, Mohammad Shawky Hassan and Uriel Orlow.

Chronic is the second chapter of If Not For That Wall, our long term project on different forms of imprisonment. Articulated in fragments, the exhibition, film program, talks and book readings that form part of the six week program question the power of differentiation between the “sane” and the “pathological”. The title Chronic refers to a continuous state that lasts beyond an exceptional moment in time and is complex and severe in nature. Chronic considers emotional states ranging from a diffuse sense of fatigue or sadness to the trauma of people with experience of imprisonment and the history of the struggle to open mental institutions.