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Zig Zig: Bridging an Unbridgeable Distance to Rape in 1919?

Publication: Mada Masr | Posted: Apr 21, 2016

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Photo: Ruud Gielens, courtesy: Zig Zig team

Photo: Ruud Gielens, courtesy: Zig Zig team

“Zig Zig opens with five women sitting behind desks in a row at the back of the stage. One plays the violin, another reads an archival document that sets the scene, and the others mime leafing through documents. I liked this set-up. They move around and return to the desks, combining dance, song and acting. Each play different roles at different moments, reading from the archives, reflecting on them, acting as the military, the native prosecution or the women themselves giving testimony and answering harsh questions in the British military court.”