Group Think: Nicholas Cullinan on the Collaborative Art of Slavs and Tatars and Chto Delat

Spring 2012 | Gallery

MODERNITY, MONOBROWS and MONOTHEISM: These are just a few of the concerns of Slavs and Tatars, a collective dedicated to examining the region “east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China,” as they so neatly put it. Founded in 2006 and consisting of an American, a Belgian, a Pole, […]

Interview with Slavs and Tatars

Summer 2012 | ArteZine

Excerpt from an interview by Ingrid Chu first published in fillip #8, 2008 (Full interview accessible here). The interview coincides with the Pantheon of Broken Men and Women, a special poster insert by Slavs and Tatars that took place over e-mail exchange after a preliminary discussion on Friday, January 24, 2008 between the author and members of the […]

Weaving Meaning, Untangling Trauma

Summer 2012 | Gallery

Featured artists Khalil Rabah, Mona Hatoum, Tarek Al Ghoussein and Ayman Baalbaki offer us an opportunity to explore issues surrounding collective trauma that emanate from both historical concerns and the artists’ lived reality. Anchored not in narrative but in a subjective and bodily engagement, these artworks produce an affective response that is not rooted in […]


Summer 2012 | ArteZine

Haig Aivazian is an artist, curator and writer born in Lebanon and currently based in New York City. He has a BFA from Concordia University in Montréal Canada and an MFA from Northwestern University in Chicago, USA. He also attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2011. He has been involved in a number […]

Excerpts from Sahar Mandour’s 32

Summer 2012 | ArteZine

The Summer 2012 launch of Shahadat is part of ArtEast’s Exploring Literature in Translation Series and features two translated excerpts of Sahar Mandour’s novel 32. Sahar Mandour is a highly acclaimed Lebanese novelist and both her novels, 32 and Hobb Beiruti, have received positive critical reviews internationally. In each of these excerpts, Rayya Badran has […]

Ambivalent Nostalgias

Fall 2007 | ArteZine

Guest Editor: Christa Salamandra   Nostalgia permeates literary and expressive culture in the Arab world. Exile, loss, defeat, rupture find expression in a variety of cultural forms, in song, prose and poetry, on the big and small screen, and in restaurants and cafés. Nostalgia reflects all the paradoxes and contradictions of Arab modernity. It appears […]

Featured Artist: Flavia Codsi

Fall 2007 | Gallery

  ArteEast continues to bring you the best of the Beirut art scene with its fall 2007 Virtual Gallery exhibition featuring the work of painter Flavia Codsi. Codsi redefines realism and modernism by painting classic subjects in ways that shake up typical art historical chronologies and preconceived notions of contemporary Lebanese art. Her paintings of […]

Nostalgia in Contemporary Moroccan Poetry

Fall 2007 | ArteZine

Modernity is often associated with industrialism, technology and the loss of pastoral ways of life. Nostalgia is the sentiment that modernity yields—a structure of feeling characterized by a mourning for the authentic. Serematakis tells us that the word nostalgia comes from the Greek nostalghia, a composite word that corresponds to “a desire or longing with […]

How to make (nice) things happen

Winter 2010 | Gallery

How to make (nice) things happen probes the non-for profit, research based and process oriented initiatives within Beirut’s increasingly layered art scene and infrastructure. The magazine uncovers how these initiatives operate as well as their potential to produce multiple and varied forms of knowledge. The following pages explore the breaks, ruptures and processes of how […]

Gallery: Fructivores

Fall 2007 | Gallery