Mohtaram and Narghes (fiction)

Summer 2007 | ArteZine

  Even after a week Mohtaram could not believe that her sister, Narghes, was really with her in the living room of her house. But there she was, her polka dot chador wrapped around her, sitting in a patch of the sun on the rug in the living room to warm her legs, although it […]

In Memory of Esther: Cinema Dunia

Spring 2008 | ArteZine

When I think of cinema in Ramallah, I think of Esther Jallad. She and her family were expelled from their wealthy home in the port city of Jaffa in 1948 and found themselves in the hilly village of Ramallah. In her displacement, Esther carried one passion with her: she loved to go to the movies. […]

Ahmed Zaki: From Playing Losers to Achieving Stardom

Spring 2006 | ArteZine

Ahmed Zaki is one of the many legendary figures of Egyptian cinema. During his lifetime (1949–2005), he reached the status of icon in Arab culture, since he played the roles of some of the key figures of these cultures, such as both presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat and singer Abdel Halim Hafez. In […]

Manhood: Photographic Explorations of Iranian Masculinities

Spring 2007 | ArteZine

I’m an Iranian artist and my work is mostly about my culture, religion and gender. I started working around 2 decades ago, when I was thinking about these subjects and started to look for a medium that best expressed my thoughts. After trying different media such as Theater, video, painting. I found photography and then […]

Reflections: Jayce Salloum

Winter 2007 | ArteZine

Q: How do you see the state of contemporary international art? How does art function in today’s global society?   A: There is no one transcendental state of contemporary international art, but if you are speaking of the ‘art market’ then it is generally as it always has been, mediocre, self-serving, ahistorical, neo-liberal or conservative […]

Against Longing (non fiction)

Fall 2007 | ArteZine

  “The blind alleys that run alongside human conversation/like lashes are a sign of God…From these diverse signs you can see/how much work remains to do./Put away your sadness. It is a mantle of work.”   Anne Carson, “The Truth About God”   They say it takes ten years to make a dancer and twenty […]

Setting the Record Straight: Towards a More Nuanced Conversation on Residencies and Capital

Winter 2012 | ArteZine

Over the course of the last fifteen years or so, I have had the fortune of being engaged with various artist residency programs as a founder, director, juror, board member and donor. These residencies have taken on a variety of forms: from retreats to exchanges; site-specific, studio-based, workshop and community-based efforts; formats which focus on […]

Nadi al-Sinama in Damascus, or when Cinema Wielded Power to Threaten the Social Order

Spring 2008 | ArteZine

Rasha Salti interviews Omar Amiralay.   How did the ciné-club begin? It was founded in 1952 by a man whose name was Dr. Haddad, if my memory serves me right, he was a French-language professor at the university. The Damascus Ciné-club was instituted to show films to catholic schools students, in other words, it was […]

Jean Genet and the Middle East: Sexuality, Politics and Literature

Spring 2007 | ArteZine

Jean Genet’s first encounters and homosexual experiences in North Africa and the Middle East were part of his tours with the French army in the early 1930s, with the most time being spent in Syria and Morocco. For his stay in Syria, he first arrived in Beirut, where he witnessed the hanging of four men, […]

Reflections: Athir Shayota

Winter 2007 | ArteZine

    Q: How do you see the state of contemporary international art? How does art function in today’s global society?   A: The state of contemporary international art exists in at least two forms: the first is the market driven product that challenges no authority and reflects on benign notions, the contemporary art one […]