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Musicians Syndicate moves against ‘Satanist’ metal concerts

Publication: Mada Masr | Posted: Feb 21, 2016

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“Speaking to TV presenter Sayed Ali on Saturday evening on Al-Assema TV, Shaker said that Alaa Salama, head of the syndicate’s resources committee, brought to his attention a “Satanist concert” being held in the downtown Cairo cabaret Sherezade. Salama told him that “devil-worshipping” attendees were wearing strange clothes, including black T-shirts with the “Masonic Star of David” on them, and makeup.The syndicate head said he ordered the authorities to immediately shut it down, but added that security forces arrived at the scene after the event had finished.Shaker added that the syndicate managed to foil another “Satanist party” at the Amoun Hotel in the Giza district of Mohandiseen, which was also scheduled for Saturday night. Party organizers cancelled the event after hearing about the intentions of authorities, he told Ali.”