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Socio-Political Art Discussion with ArteEast Artists-in-Residents

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Join us for a talk presenting ArteEast’s current sponsored artists in residence with our partner Residency Unlimited. Ozgur Demirci of Turkey and Dalia Baassiri of Lebanon are emerging artists who are creating socially engaged art against the rapidly shifting political and social backdrop throughout the Middle East. They will discuss their past and current projects and the influences that inspired their artwork. Followed by an audience Q&A, this talk is the perfect opportunity for young artists and grassroots activists from different regions to share opinions and experiences on the issues facing facing this generation.
Özgür will cover a number of installation representing different key historical moments in Turkey and the relationship between people and government. From the ban on political books from the Turkish government to censor leftist and revolutionary ideas, to the occupy movement of Gezi Park Protest Özgür’s installation document key historical moments in Turkey and the relationship between people and government. He will also discuss his current project “Anthology of Promises” a site-specific installation based on election promises made in Turkey from the 1980 military coup to the present, with a contrast view from his presence in the U.S during election season.
Dalia’s work focuses on highlighting the quotidian and overlooked activities as an insight on the current state of the world. She will discuss her current project, an installation titled “Undesired” inspired by Lebanon’s garbage crisis, exploring the confluence of emotion and consumerism through the history of discarded objects.

The event will be held from 7 to 9PM at Bluestocking Book Store in Manhattan, located at 172 Allen Street, NY. Limited seating is available, confirmed guests only will be admitted. Please make sure to send an email to by Tuesday, September 13th at 4PM to ensure a spot.