ismaël, Photo Shop (Work in progress)

Winter 2013 | Gallery

  The factory of forgetting and the factory of Time The images are the raw material for sculpting other images. Images are everywhere; they are so numerous that they create a parallel world. It is not machines or aliens who will occupy the land. Images will do. Perhaps have they already done it… Television only […]

Marianne Catzaras, Artistic approach
Marianne Catzaras, Artistic approach

Winter 2013 | Gallery

To the question asked “why do I photograph?” the answer is plural, Yet obsessed with the same concern, that of giving substance To unusual and familiar apparitions playing along with me throughout my journey. Transvestites, deported, fools, nonconformist wandering beings, randomly caught Through chance encounters or chosen for a pose, they all are my fellow-travellers. […]

Fakhri El Ghezal, on HOSTAGE

Fall, Winter 2013 | Gallery

This work does mirror both a subjective and an ironic reaction to the political scheme ruling the world, and certainly Tunisia. This toil interrogates us on the limits and the power of the media, wars and their roles in provoking conflicts, including that of Iraq Questions on the concepts of War Domination and authority are […]

Fakhri El Ghezal, on SIDI(S)

Fall 2013 | Gallery

Sidi is a designation, a polite form, one we used to denominate with prophets, saints, cheikhs , educators, professors, the elderly, the experimented folks… I think that “Sidi” cannot be translated to English. It combines both “Mister” and “Merciful.” The protagonists of this series, ones I do encounter for more than eight years ago, are […]

Meriem Bouderbala, Exotisme Partagé

Winter 2013 | Gallery

Mon travail de plasticienne a toujours été marqué par ma double origine, tunisienne et française. La culture arabo-musulmane m’empêchait la figuration humaine ; la culture occidentale l’exposait au contraire jusque dans les caricatures de l’Orientalisme. Entre les deux univers, j’ai orienté mes recherches plastiques vers l’interface, vers ce qui sépare le corps de chair de […]

Poetics of the Everyday

Summer 2013 | Gallery

  This issue marks the fourth installment of a six-quarter cycle of the Virtual Gallery that spotlights artists from the Maghreb leading up to the 2014 edition of the Marrakech Biennial. Each subsequent gallery will showcase artists who deal with the every day in their work to reveal the conceptual threads and regional connections that […]

At the Crossroads: The Arts in the United Arab Emirates
At the Crossroads: The Arts in the United Arab Emirates

Winter 2008, 2013 | ArteZine

Art is poised at the crossroads in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Abu Dhabi.  Abu Dhabi, the important political hub of the Emirates, has arrived at the contemporary art scene very recently, unlike Dubai, with its history of involvement with exhibition spaces and setting for important auctions of Middle Eastern art, or Sharjah, site […]

Risks and Returns of the High Culture Gamble in the UAE

Summer 2013 | ArteZine

Abu Dhabi has worked frenetically to establish itself as a world class centre for the fine arts.  From the much-touted museums to the international film festival, from a classical music series to literary awards, from the architectural experimentation to major international exhibits and auctions of art, Abu Dhabi appears to be wholly committed to becoming […]

Touching, Feeling, Revealing

Winter 2013 | ArteZine

This edition of the ArteZine explores connections between kinship structures and art history to reveal methodologies for unearthing narratives erased by market forces and geopolitics. Each essay is anchored in a shifting sense of place that reflects the distances between contributor and site of exploration. The contributions in this issue uniquely enact the work of […]

ANEW: Retelling the Stories of The Past and The Future

Fall 2012 | ArteZine

Perhaps for the first time in modern history, Euro-America finds itself in a situation where it may potentially lose to other states its authority to determine who is included in economic, political, and military alliances. As this centrality, entangled with modernity and postmodernity, is ceded in favor of the discussions that revolve around ideas of […]