Avenue Patrice Lumumba

Fall 2011 | ArteZine

I was born into a landscape that became unfamiliar as I grew to know it. The mirror of my mind’s eye transposed political play into flickering stage. The impulse to photograph this stage is less an attempt to anchor the scenery than to situate myself. These photographs are not collapsed histories of post-colonial African states […]

the four quarters of the old city (poetry)

Summer 2007 | ArteZine

  the desertification of our planet approaches slowly but like our own death it comes steadily and with promise   yet wise men and women holy souls who all cry faith hang on to their corners at opposite ends of the old city living together but in hatred preaching the word of god praying at […]

Artist Interview: Ahmad Hosni

Winter 2012 | ArteZine

Ahmad Hosni was among the first group of resident artists at Dar Al-Ma’mûn (DAM) in 2010-11.  This transcript is an excerpt of a conversation between Carleen Hamon and Julien Amicel, co-directors of Dar Al-Ma’mûn (DAM), with photographer Ahmad Hosni who was among their first group of resident artists in 2010-11. DAM: Could you tell us about your background […]

On Silence: Introduction

Winter 2010 | ArteZine

ARCHIVES AND MEMORIALS AS SILENT TESTIMONIES National states rely on memories of victories, heroes and their leaders. In order to register a specific event, memorials are often cast in bronze, poured concrete or carved in marble. Texts are inscribed in bold letters commemorating a loss, a success or a major national event. They are placed […]

The Story of Constantine’s Ciné-Club, a Cinema to Claim their Own

Spring 2008 | ArteZine

Daikha Dridi interviews Chafia Djemame, founder of the Women’s Ciné-club in Constantine, Algeria. While barely in her thirties, when Chafia Djemame founded the Women’s Ciné-club with friends from Algerian universities, they were surrounded by young women so young they affectionately referred to her and group of friends as middle-aged. From Jijel, an eastern port city, […]


Spring 2009 | ArteZine

Upon its unveiling in a city with one square foot of green space per inhabitant, Cairo’s 74-acre Al Azhar Park in 2005 was rightfully heralded as the greatest green space in the city’s modern history.(1) The Park was part of an urban revitalization project in the old city aimed at improving the life of the […]

Residency as Refuge: freeDimensional – An Experiment In Organizational Social Practice

Winter 2012 | ArteZine

freeDimensional works with the global arts community to identify and redistribute resources, and support meaningful relationships between art spaces and activists. freeDimensional delivers services that connect arts residencies and human rights organizations to demonstrate and share a specific method, both as an example of discrete utility and a model of dissemination that may guide other […]

Extra-Territoriality in the Middle East – Open Anthology

Summer 2010 | ArteZine

For the longest time we have thought of extra-territoriality as a designated space or status that lies outside territorial boundaries and either benefits or suffers from the suspension of jurisdiction overruling the national territory. Embassies, refugee camps, free trade zones are a few cases in point. In recent years, the number and genres of extraterritorial […]

Silence is Sexy

Fall 2010 | ArteZine

[silence is sexy] [supercomputing rapture] [advanced silencing system] Summations, peculiar triangulation, and all forms of fundamentalist adherence to a singular (period) are rejected by the elegant, seeping liquidity within the notion of silence. It’s a sublimely subversive quality for a word and it’s baggage to so lithely slither away, quickly changing timbres as it escapes […]

Tarata tinn

Winter 2010 | ArteZine

Banner image by Emel Ernalbant via. Tinnitus (tinnio for ringing, an onomatopoeia in Latin) is an internal sound which someone hears in the absence of an external sound. You can hear it after a very loud concert or after surviving a car bomb explosion. Waking up to a new day, a tinnn in your ears may remind […]