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Chawki Amari is a celebrated columnist and cartoonist at the al-Watan newspaper in Algeria.

Omar Amiralay is a veteran Syrian filmmaker and founding member of the Damascus Ciné-club.

Writer, producer and director Nigol Bezjian was born in Aleppo, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York and UCLA Film and Television. He has directed several films, including Hour of the Grey Hourse, Chickpeas, Muron.

Walid Chmeit is a veteran Lebanese film critic and essayist and a founding member of the Beirut Arab Ciné-Club.

Raja Shehadeh is a lawyer, writer and novelist who lives and works in Ramallah. He published a memoir, Strangers in the House, in 2002 and When the Bulbul Stopped Singing in 2004, adapted to the theater and performed in Edinburgh, Tehran, New York and Amman. His most recent book is Palestinian Walks, Notes on a Vanishing Landscape (2007).

Omar Zelig is a pseudonym. He is a regular commentator in Algerian newspapers.

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