VIP Preview: ArteEast Legacy Trilogy exhibition catalogue


ArteEast is proud to present the Legacy Trilogy series of exhibitions celebrating the organization’s legacy as a forum for contemporary art practices from the MENA region. This fundraising exhibition consists of three parts: Past, Present, and Future, March 7 – April 7, 2021 on artsy.net/arteeast.

The Past edition features artists who have been part of ArteEast’s programming since its inception in 2003. The artists included range from emerging to those who have long been established in the contemporary art world, a number of whom appeared as young artists in early exhibitions by ArteEast. Other artists in the exhibition include participants from a range of ArteEast’s public programs over the years, including artist residencies, panel discussions, artist talks, and more.

For the Present edition ArteEast invited curators, scholars, and renowned voices within the field of contemporary art, with whom ArteEast has worked over the years, to nominate exhibiting artists. Nominators including Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi (Founder of the Barjeel Art Foundation), Stephen Stapleton (Founding Director of Edge of Arabia), Nathalie Ackawi (Director of the Beirut Art Residency) and Anlam de Coster (Independent Curator) have nominated emerging young artists for the Present edition.

Future looks ahead, creating a space for ArteEast to forge networks with new generations of artists. Selected by the ArteEast curatorial team, the Future edition features practitioners who reflect intrepid voices from the MENA region and its diasporas.

The Legacy Trilogy exhibition was curated and organized by Olivia FarhatLila Nazemian and ArteEast Executive Director Beth Stryker. Virtual parallel programming will run throughout the exhibition. Special Artist Spotlight interviews will highlight featured artists and collaborators.

Rashwan Abdelbaki
Ibrahim Ahmed
Vartan Avakian
Shayma Aziz
Khaled Barakeh
Mohamed Sabry Bastawy
Nidhal Chamekh
Tarek Al Ghoussein
Rhea Karam
Ibrahim Khattab
Huda Lutfi
Nicky Nodjoumi
Hamid Rahmanian
Hamdy Reda
Dahlia El Sayed
Hadieh Shafie
Lara Tabet
Nihad Al Turk
Sarp Kerem Yavuz
Artists (Nominators)
Khalid Albaih
(Nominated by Stephen Stapleton)
Hera Büyüktaşçıyan
(Nominated by Anlam de Coster)
Aslı Çavuşoğlu
(Nominated by Anlam de Coster)
Bady Dalloul
(Nominated by Line Ajan)
Soha Elsirgany
(Nominated by Huda Lutfi)
Diana Al Halabi
(Nominated by Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi)
Ahmed Mater
(Nominated by Stephen Stapleton)
Lara Nasser
(Nominated by Nathalie Ackawi)
Ruba Salameh
(Nominated by Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi)
Hammzat Tahabsim
(Nominated by Noura Al Khasawneh)
Bassem Yousri
(Nominated by Lara Baladi)
Yazan Zubi
(Nominated by Noura Al Khasawneh)
Saks Afridi
Yusef Alahmad
Eleana Antonaki
Lara Atallah
Rafram Chaddad
Yasmine Nasser Diaz
Laila Tara H
Samar Hejazi
Sara Issakharian
Hiba Kalache
Laith Majali
Orlee Malka
Bibi Manavi
Rehan Miskci
Sara Ouhaddou
Sara Rahmanian
Alymamah Rashed
Zeinab Saab
Peyman Shafieezadeh
Shabnam Yousefian
Sofia Zubi
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