Since its founding in 2003 as a NY-based arts collective specializing in Middle Eastern film programming, ArteEast has become a leading organization advocating for and supporting artists from the South West Asia North Africa (SWANA) region and its diaspora, engaging with New York, U.S. and international audiences and arts communities. 

Independently and through strategic partnerships, ArteEast delivers in-person and virtual programs such as film screenings, exhibitions, cultural events, and online publications. These serve as a bridge that amplify the voices of, and facilitate the interaction of the public with artists, filmmakers, curators, and thought leaders rooted to the SWANA region and its diaspora. 



Inclusion: By creating an environment in which artists working across all disciplines feel welcomed, respected, supported and valued to fully express themselves, share their perspectives through their work and engage in rich dialogue with the community and beyond.

Equity across the arts: By identifying and alleviating barriers across the arts that create disparities in the access to resources and means. We believe in providing filmmakers, artists, musicians and all art practitioners equal opportunities as well as fair compensation to thrive.

Pluralism and Diversity: We believe in being inclusive with regards to the multiplicity of diverse identities, both individual and collective, within the Southwest Asia North Africa region and its diasporas, including race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic status, language, and physical ability. It is only by including voices from these intersectional identities that we may have more meaningful dialogues. 

Connection: We recognize the various geo-political barriers that exist within the Southwest Asia North Africa region that result in the dividing of peoples. We strive to serve as a resource for artists, activists, and thinkers from the region and its diasporas to connect and create together, and to learn and inform one another about collective and individual realities that exist in our communities.

Social Justice: We are committed to promoting racial and social justice in whatever capacity we can. We acknowledge the ancestral and living stewards of the Lenapehoking lands on which we organize, create, and live. We acknowledge our own ancestors and the U.S. history of colonialism, slavery, and genocide. We stand in solidarity with all communities who continue to stand up against imperialism, totalitarianism, settler-colonialism and all forms of apartheid.