“July 2007 Baghdad Airstrike”

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“July 2007 Baghdad Airstrike”


Antonia: The terrorists were used within the rhetoric of

Habiba: of the western …

Omar: In the 1990s… Egypt had some

Habiba: Yea, in the 1990s, you had some terrorism. In 1994, in Luxor.

Omar: It was 1993.

Habiba: You had a bit of whatever. But ever since then, only after 9/11, it became very specifically within western discourse, within whatever, used in that context and it never switched.

Maha: And it was all re-appropriated the whole war on terror, the American war on terror was re-appropriated here. What I find funny now is that even western media finds it controversial to use that word, to use that concept even, when they are the context in which it originated. It’s very arbitrary.

Adelita: So if I wrote American INAUDIBLE WORD 10:41, would that make sense?

[Some people]: Yea.

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