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  • Mona Hatoum: It’s All Luck. I Feel Things Happen Accidentally
    Mona Hatoum: It’s All Luck. I Feel Things Happen Accidentally

    Publication: The Guardian | Posted: Apr 17, 2016

    “I don’t really understand what ambition means. I take things one piece at a time. I’m excited about working on something, that’s all. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, and I still don’t. I don’t know if I think in terms of a career. I don’t have a strategy. It’s just the next show. I used to say to my father: ‘I’m lucky: I got this, or that.’ And he would say: ‘No, no, you deserve it. You’ve been working hard.’ But I was determined: ‘No, it’s all luck.’ I feel things happen accidentally.”

  • Court Strips Actors, Musicians of Arrest Powers

    Publication: Mada Masr | Posted: Apr 17, 2016

    An administrative court has annulled a ministerial decision to grant powers of arrest to the musicians and actors syndicates, according to the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR). Last September, then-Minister of Justice Ahmed al-Zend issued a decree granting six council members of the Actors Syndicate ­– including the syndicate’s president and secretary general – judicial police powers, to be used in instances where the laws regulating the syndicate, its memberships or artistic production have been violated.

  • Art and Liberty in Egypt, Today and Yesterday
    Art and Liberty in Egypt, Today and Yesterday

    Publication: The Cairo Review | Posted: Apr 12, 2016

    Continued neglect for the heritage of the Egyptian Surrealist movement, despite a resurgence in interest abroad, raises questions about the politics of culture in Egypt.

  • Middle East Solos: Out of Context, Creating a New One
    Middle East Solos: Out of Context, Creating a New One

    Publication: American Theatre | Posted: Mar 29, 2016

    “They’re not there to talk about gender, but obviously it stems from a feminine and feminist perspective,” said Hafez. And, as there is a prevalent American media depiction of Middle Eastern women as disempowered, audience members who entered the venue drunk on that spiked Kool-Aid were likely to leave sobered up by the diversity and evident power of the performers. Said choreographer and NYLA artistic director Bill T. Jones, who conceived the festival with Kriegsmann, “We think [women from the MENA region] are oppressed or deluded. Then we see these women expressing themselves as individuals. That’s important for us to see.”

  • Exhibition: “Bricks,” Taymour Grahne Gallery
    Exhibition: “Bricks,” Taymour Grahne Gallery

    Date: Mar 10, 2016 - May 07, 2016

    Taymour Grahne Gallery is proud to present Bricks, a solo exhibition of new thick oil paintings, watercolors, and sculptures by Brooklyn-based artist Nadia Ayari.

  • Seminar: “Denormalizing Bodies. Rehearsing Citizenship,” Ashkal Alwan
    Seminar: “Denormalizing Bodies. Rehearsing Citizenship,” Ashkal Alwan

    Date: Feb 01, 2016 - Mar 02, 2016

    Relating to the ongoing debate on the interconnections between art, society and the public, Denormalizing Bodies. Rehearsing Citizenship will focus on the body’s capacity for action whithin these dynamics.

  • Hysterical Choir of The Frightened
    Hysterical Choir of The Frightened

    Publication: Ibraaz | Posted: Mar 10, 2016

    "On 25 January 2014, thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square to celebrate the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. On that day, only the supporters of the army and the actions of its commander in chief were admitted into the square. The Muslim Brotherhood and opposition protests taking place in the vicinity were immediately crushed with tear gas and live ammunition. The proximity of the celebrations and the killings led many journalists to call it a day of 'death and dance'. The festive crowd was likened to a 'hysterical choir of fear'."

  • ArteEast Review: Jihan El-Tahri’s “Nasser”
    ArteEast Review: Jihan El-Tahri’s “Nasser”

    Posted: Mar 09, 2016

    Nasser, a documentary by director Jihan El-Tahri, was recently screened as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s “Doc FortNight 2016” in collaboration with the African Film Festival. Nasser is the first part of the already completed trilogy, which further interrogates the eras of Anwar El-Sadat and Hosny Mubarak, “Egypt’s modern Pharaohs.”

  • Meeting: March Meeting 2016: Education, Engagement and Participation

    Date: Mar 12, 2016 - Mar 13, 2016

    March Meeting 2016 (MM 2016) will consider how institutions, initiatives, curators and artists have increasingly prioritised their relationships with audiences and communities through current thinking around ideas of education, engagement and participation.

  • I Saved My Belly Dancer
    I Saved My Belly Dancer

    Publication: Reorient | Posted: Feb 23, 2016

    Youssef Nabil’s hand-coloured homage to Egypt’s Golden Age and the art of the belly dancer. Nabil’s oeuvre is an act of self-preservation, but also an act of preserving a history beyond that of his own: the history of a country and culture