Winter 2012 | ArteZine

The Residency Handbook

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This resource manual offers readers a brief overview of online platforms and print sources relevant to understanding residencies and the social, cultural and political contexts in which they function. International conferences and symposia have assembled to tighten networks of institutions, and web-based platforms have started to disseminate audio and video recordings as well as written reflections on their proceedings. In spite of this increasing prominence, there is a significant lack of publicly available analysis, assessment and critique of the format and structure of residencies themselves. This absence is duly felt: for practitioners in the field our ability to make sense of the trajectory and means of funding such initiatives lies heavily in our capacity to efficiently access historical narratives and models. This guide represents an initial survey of online resources and publicly available information. The offline resources are divided into distinct research areas to map out the current limits of writing that exists and to encourage further inquiry and research.



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